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The Friends of Bedfordshire Society

Bedfordshire Day 

The Friends of Bedfordshire Society are looking to appoint a date to be "Bedfordshire Day". This will be a day where the people of Bedfordshire can come together to celebrate their shared love of the county. The History. The Culture. The Clangers.

Over the past few months we have been asking for suggestions for what Bedfordshire Day should be. These suggestions have been added to a poll which on the 1st December 2014 the voting went live. The poll shall remain open for three months, closing at Midnight 28th February 2015.


The dates which can be voted for are as follows:

  • 19th January - Earldom of Bedford recreated and granted to the Russell family in 1550 who would go on to be the modern Dukes of Bedford. 
  • 31th March - The last day Bedfordshire County Council existed. Thanks to Joanna Brown for this suggestion.
  • 1st April - The day Bedfordshire County Council came to be in 1889 and ceased to be in 2009. 
  • 12th April - Bedfordshire County Council was officially granted a coat of arms in 1951, from which the design of our county flag is based.
  • 20th June - Great siege of Bedford Castle (1224) begins, in which it held out for 8 weeks against the might of the whole nation. 
  • 13th August - Battle of Blenheim (1704) was the regimental anniversary of the Bedfordshire Regiment. 
  • 26th August - The foundation of Bedford Bridge. 
  • 2nd September - Birth date of celebrated local figure, prison reformer, John Howard. 
  • 14th October - The first flight of R101 airship from Cardington hangers, over London, and back. 
  • 6th November - The 1st and 2nd battalions met outside of Ypres in 1914 when the 1st were going up to the 1st battle of Ypres and came across the remnants of the 2nds resting at the side of the road . The first time the two battalions had met for something like 50 years. 
  • 15th November - The day in 1575 Bedfordshire got its own high sheriff, having previously shared one with Buckinghamshire. 
  • 25th November - St. Catherine’s Day, patron saint of spinners, weavers & lacemakers thus representative of Bedfordshire lace and weaving industry. 
  • 28th November - The birth date of preacher and writer John Bunyan, born in Harrowden in 1628 (NOTE: It is worth noting this date clashes with Caernarfonshire's county day). 
  • 15th December - Birth date of celebrated local figure, athlete, Harold Abrahams. (NOTE: It is worth noting this date clashes with Alderney's Homecoming Day). 

If you have any questions or queries about the vote or anything else to do with the Friends of Bedfordshire Society don't forget that you can always reach us on Facebook and Twitter.

Local Contacts

Parish Council Chairman Nick Thompson  01525 860421

Parish Council Clerk Deborah Lawson 01525 860377

Central Beds Council Customer Services 0300 300 8000

Flit’n’More Editorial: Angela Ayres 01525 860723

Village Hall Hire Pauline Downing 01525 860595

Church Hall Hire Jill Chandler 01525 860715

Bedfordshire Police Ampthill Team 01234 841212

Greenfield Lower School Head teacher: Annette McCullion 01525 712426

Greenfield Pre-School Audrey Edwards 01525 717215 / 712718

Sticky Fingers Toddler Group Kelly Bosworth 07828 292019

MUGA Bookings: Dawn Leaning - 07860632427.

Scouts and Cubs Badger Hill Scout Group;

Brownies Jane Staff 01525 717294

Allotments Greenfield: Kathy Wright 01525 714724

Allotments Flitton; Gareth Ellis 01525 861496

Village Gala Margaret Lowe 01525 861111

Friends of Flitton Moor Dave Sedgley 01525 714961

Women’s Institute Meriel Davies 01525 633421

The Greensand Trust Maulden Office 01234 743666

Flitwick & District Heritage Group Dave Sedgley 01525 714961

Keys to Mausoleum Barbara Stimpson 01525 860094


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Flitton and Greenfield

Greenfield is a small village about 1.2 miles from the town of Flitwick, it lies across Flitwick Moor and is on the opposite side of the River Flit. It forms part of the parish of Flitton and Greenfield. The area was once well known as a strawberry producing area, and the fields were full of strawberry plants on either side of the main road. It is now a thriving village with several small businesses.

Compasses Greenfield

Flitton  (Flichtam, Fllite, and Flute) forms the other part of the parish and derives its name from river Flit. It is the home of the De Grey Mausoleum adjacent to St John the Baptist church. Flitton contains the hamlet of Wardhedges. It too has a number of small businesses and working farms.

Flitton countryside view