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Your chance to influence planning and the development of the villages in our area



Your Neighbourhood Plan (covering Flitton, Greenfield and Pulloxhill) is almost ready to begin the formal process of consultation, where each and every one of you will get the chance to read the plan and make comments. These comments will be extremely important if we are to produce a final plan that the majority are happy to adopt.

This is an exciting time for the villages as we have an opportunity to protect and enhance our area. The formal process, in brief, requires that we allow a minimum six-week period for public consultation, followed by a period of incorporating comments. During the consultation we will hold one or more events to which you’re all invited to come along and let us have your views. These are scheduled for

  • Saturday 1 June Flitton Church Hall (10.00h – 12.00h)
  • Saturday 6 June Pulloxhill Church Hall (10.00h – 12.00h)
  • Tuesday 4 June Flitton and Greenfield Village Hall (19.00 – 21.00h)

The final draft of the Plan will then be sent for independent inspection. Once all the comments from residents and the inspector are addressed, we can move forward to a referendum. The referendum requires a simple majority for the plan to be adopted.

Your vote will matter and your opinion on the plan also matters, so I ask you all to engage in this process as best you can and help us put this important document in place. Once adopted the plan becomes a legal document to which central Beds Council planning committee must put weight in all planning decisions. It also becomes a very important roadmap for the future of our villages and greenspace.

If you would like any more information about the Plan please contact your Parish Council at

Best Regards

Craig Prest

Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of the Group members

  • Councillor Neil Arthur (F&G PC)
  • Councillor Jen Fisher (F&G PC)
  • Councillor G Ellis (F&G PC)
  • Mike Fisher (resident F&G)
  • Councillor Craig Prest (P PC)
  • Damian Jones (resident Pulloxhill)


Image result for defibrillator
The defibs at both locations above are active and the other two should be in place soon. We sincerely hope you never need to access a one, but if you do, dial 999, request an ambulance and get the access code to allow you to send someone to fetch it. The cabinet is locked with a key pad, so you will need the code. It is very helpful if the person collecting it has a mobile phone to call 999 if there are any problems using or remembering the code. Inside there is the defibrillator and an equipment bag including a torch, face shields, spare defib pads, paediatric defib pads and other items to assist when using the equipment. It is highly recommend, if you haven’t done so already, to attend a defib training session. There will be one annually from 2020. Please spread the word that these are now active. If you have any questions or require further information please contact our Defib Guardian Julianne Wright 07739 431933 or email  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE TRAINED OR NEED SOMEONE  WHO IS TRAINED TO USE THE DEFIB THE UNIT TALKS YOU THROUGH WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW                                                                                        



Useful Parish Numbers

Local Contacts

Flitton and Greenfield Good Neighbour Group 07594 578471 or click on

Highway Helpdesk 0300 300 8049. This number is answered out of office hours for emergencies.

Free confidential advice helpline 0300 3036666 or click here 

Parish Council Chairman Mark Gates  01525 715793

Parish Council Clerk


Flit’n’More Editorial: Angela Ayres 01525 860723

Central Beds Council Customer Services 0300 300 8000

Church Hall Hire Jill Chandler 01525 860715

Bedfordshire Police 101

Village Hall Hire 

Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy Head teacher: Annette McCullion 01525 712426

Ducklings Pre-School 01525 712426

MUGA Bookings: Dawn Leaning - 07860632427.

Scouts and Cubs Badger Hill Scout Group;

Brownies Jane Staff 01525 717294

Allotments Greenfield: Cllr Rik Stokes 01525 712160

Village Gala Cllr Margaret Lowe 01525 861111

Flitton Potato Race Simon Sadler 01525 861727

Friends of Flitton Moor Dave Sedgley 01525 714961

Women’s Institute Meriel Davies 01525 633421

The Greensand Trust Maulden Office 01234 743666

Flitwick & District Heritage Group Dave Sedgley 01525 714961

Access to the  Mausoleum 


Village News and Communications

We are proud to be part of the Greensand Country


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Planning Applications

If you want to look at current planning applications in the Parish, click here and under 'Weekly list search' scroll down to Flitton and Greenfield. This way you can keep up to date with what is being submitted 

Flitwick Moor features on The Times  20 best nature reserves in Britain


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Flitton and Greenfield

Greenfield is a small village about 1.2 miles from the town of Flitwick, it lies across Flitwick Moor and is on the opposite side of the River Flit. It forms part of the parish of Flitton and Greenfield. The area was once well known as a strawberry producing area, and the fields were full of strawberry plants on either side of the main road. It is now a thriving village with several small businesses.

Compasses Greenfield

Flitton  (Flichtam, Fllite, and Flute) forms the other part of the parish and derives its name from river Flit. It is the home of the De Grey Mausoleum adjacent to St John the Baptist church. Flitton contains the hamlet of Wardhedges. It too has a number of small businesses and working farms.

Flitton countryside view