Flitton Cemetery

A quiet rural setting

cemetery pic

Flitton Cemetery, in High Street, Flitton is managed by Flitton & Greenfield Parish Council.

Located in the heart of the village, the Cemetery is well cared for and has a quiet reverence and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors to the Cemetery are encouraged, but also respectfully asked to behave in a quiet orderly manner so as to preserve this tranquility.

The Scale of Charges for burials and the related Rules and Regulations, plus applications for Memorials and our Safety policy is available by clicking on the links below or from the Clerk to the Council clerk@flittongreenfield.org.uk -  who will be happy to provide help or advice as required. 

Flitton Cemetery Fees and Charges 2019 

Flitton Cemetery -Application for Notice of Burial Application May 2019

Flitton Cemetery Rules & Regulations March 2019

Flitton Cemetery - Monument Application March 2019

Flitton Cemetery - Safety Policy January 2017


Health and Safety in the Cemetery

As a result of recent legislation, the Council has to have a risk register for all of its areas of responsibility and this includes the cemetery in Flitton. We need to ensure that there are no dangers to visitors or contractors working there. A major part of the risk that we have to assess, relates to the stability of the headstones. We use the Ministry of Justice 2014 Guidelines ‘Managing the safety of Burial Ground - Memorials- Practical advice for dealing with unstable memorials’

please see our Safety Policy document above, to understand how we deal with risk and safety in the Cemetery, whilst noting that it is the plot owners responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of the grave including the headstone. 

If you suspect you have a headstone which is not stable you must get a NAMM/BRAMM stonemason in to check this, but if you would prefer the Council to lay it flat straight away, rather than having to re-instate or secure the headstone, then please let us know and we will arrange for the work to be done. We will only allow this work to be done by an registered stonemason.

Please note that this risk assessment is now an ongoing duty on the Council and so regular checks of headstone stability will have to take place and plot owners will need to comply with this safety issue. 

Lawn Cemetery Policy

The Parish Council agreed in March 2014 to operate a traditional lawn cemetery policy which means that the main part of all the plots from 1 April 2014 onwards, will be covered in grass. The tended area of the plots will be reduced to the base of the headstone, in an area measuring 24" wide by 30" deep.  This area can be enclosed by edging and filled with stone chippings or tended planting. The policy does notapply retrospectively or to any specific marked plots which have been pre-purchased under the old rules.

There is also a memorial ashes garden where cremation remains can be scattered and marked by a small plaque. This is siuated at the front of the cemetery site.

The village has a peaceful and rural burial ground and it is the hope of the Sub Committee that by reverting to a lawn cemetery, the natural tranquillity of the site will be enhanced. It should also enable the Council to keep the costs of burials at a reasonable level in future as mowing the grass is easier and therefore less costly than maintaining the previous layout.