Highways, Cycling and Footpaths


The responsibility for roads lies with Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC). If you have any problems with your road then you need to contact CBC as below.

There is an online system for reporting potholes and other highway problems which is a quick and easy way to report any issues with  roads 

You can report issues by clicking on the link www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/reportit  on a computer, mobile or tablet. The greatest benefit to reporting highways issues in this way is that the issue is sent straight to the highways engineers, so the process of inspection and fixing the problem can start without delay.  Another advantage is that you can use the online system to track progress with any issues that have been reported online. This is not possible with problems reported through email.  

The highways email address to report highways issues has been discontinued because it is a slower way to report as emails used to sit in a queue waiting for a Customer Service Advisor to be available to process and it had been known to take five days, and longer if it is over the weekend.  

If you need to report an emergency, such as a streetlight with wires exposed, please contact our 24 hour emergency team on 0300 300 8049. This number is answered out of office hours for emergencies.

 Street Lighting

Faults? For street lighting read the sticker on the street lamp and make a note of the number.

In the Parish of Flitton and Greenfield, Central Bedfordshire Council (Tel 033 300 8000) has responsibility for street lights and therefore all maintenance issues should be reported to them. Ensure you get a reference no. and a committment to investigate the problem within 10 working days. 


Whilst the Parish Council does have some minor powers over road side paths most maintenance is done by CBC so if you have any problems please follow the same instructions as per the roads.

The Parish Council is aware that some public footpaths & bridleways are in poor condition because of the extended period of bad weather. We are hoping that with the cooperation and help of volunteers and landowners we can improve the drainage and durability of key paths with the aim of keeping them open for most of the year.

Ditches & Flooding

The responsibility for clearing ditches next to the road lies with CBC. If you have any problems with those ditches then you need to contact CBC on the appropriate number. For flood water coming from the street phone highways on 0300 300 8049 or customer.services@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk . Ensure you get a reference no. and a committment to investigate the problem within 10 working days or less. 

CBC are aware of three key areas prone to flooding: Pulloxhill road junction, Flitwick road junction and Silsoe Road with excess water running down Sand Road. Work continues to try to resolve these issues. If you see a recurrence of these or any other issue please phone the above number and contact the Parish Council clerk so that the Parish Council are aware and can take further action if necessary.   For useful information about how to prepare for flooding, please see this link.

Grass Cutting & Hedges

Grass cutting is the responsibility of the Parish Council. Please contact the clerk(clerk@flittongreenfield.org.uk) if you have a concern.

Residents and landowners are reminded of their obligations to keep hedges and trees cut back so they do not block pavements, roads or obscure oncoming traffic or traffic signs. Please check your hedges and trees now!


Wherever there is a pavement or a private lawn adjoining a public grass verge the grass will be kept cut short on a regular basis during the cutting season. The number of cuts will vary depending upon the growing conditions. Grass will not be cut where it is already in good condition.

Grass verges adjoining fields will be allowed to grow and only be cut once or twice a year to allow good conditions for wildlife unless:-

  • Both sides of the road adjoin fields and walkers regularly use the road to walk (Certain stretches of road verge are designated walker refuge areas and cut accordingly).
  • On bends where the grass will obscure visibility
  • it presents a danger (e.g. Is likely to obscure large animals like deer).


Proposed traffic scheme - consulation

Central Bedfordshire Council is publishing and consulting on a proposed traffic scheme adjacent to the Village Hall.

Please click here to see the public notice and here to see the drawing, which provide more information. If you wish to make any comments, they should be submitted in writing as explained in the public notice.

3rd June 2014

Walking and Cycling (Consultation May/June 2013) NOW CLOSED

Walking and Cycling

There was an opportunity to propose measures to improve walking and cycling or public transport improvements (bus stop infrastructure) using funding offered by Central Bedfordshire Council for

Walking and Cycling

Central Bedfordshire Council have offered funding to Parish Councils for propose measures which will improve walking and cycling or public transport improvements for example bus stop infrastructure, to be spent next year (2013/14). The PC needs to submit proposals before the end of July this year. More information can be found on the Central Bedfordshire web site at http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/travelling/your-travel-choices/transport-strategy/rural-area-matched-fund.aspx

The Parish Council has gathered a list of possible measures from previous suggestions and the Parish Plan.

  1.        Safe crossing at Village Hall
  2.        Safe crossing at Church
  3.        Cycle path between Brook Lane and Mill Lane, alongside river
  4.        Move flashing 30 mpg sign to Sand road
  5.        Build out/path widening at 41 High St, Flitton
  6.        Cycle path between Sand Road and rear of Recreation Ground
  7.        Safe crossing at Silsoe Road, Wardhedges

As only two schemes can be funded per parish and funds are limited, we will need to prioritise and if possible combine measures into one or two joined up schemes. Measures 1, 2 and 3 were included in the Parish Plan published in 2008 which included extensive consultation with parishioners. They are therefore the measures which the Parish Council considers to be of highest priority.

However we are keen to consider other options so please let us know if you have some good ideas for improving walking and cycling or access to public transport. As the parish would need to make a contribution you should also let us know if you would rather the parish did not spend money on this.

Highways and Traffic Calming (Consultation May/June 2013) NOW CLOSED

Over the last few years the Parish Council has been working with Central Bedfordshire Council and their Highways contractor Amey to improve the roads and in particular road safety in the parish. There have been minor improvements on Flitton Hill/ Flitton High Street, the entrance to Wardhedges, Silsoe Road/Sand Road junction and flashing 30 mph signs introduced by the Village Hall and Greenfield entrance. There have been more extensive works in Greenfield with chicanes at Greenfield entrance, High Street and Flitton Road and the change in priority of Pulloxhill Road junction. The latter was prompted partly by feedback in the Parish Plan, partly by surveys of the quantity and speed of traffic but mainly by the desire to improve the walk to school routes. Please click here to see full details