Thanks to the organisers and all involved for the Commemoration Concert on Weds 7th November which was a lovely community event, very moving and uplifting.

There is a Remembrance Service at Church on Sunday 11 November at 10.45h

11:55, 08 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

Central Bedfordshire Council - Email alerts


Sunday, 11 November 2018


Check below for details of road closures across Central Bedfordshire on Sunday, 11 November.

Check road closures >

11:53, 08 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

Can you help to support vulnerable people in Bedfordshire this winter? It shouldn’t be a choice between eating or heating.

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF) are an independent registered charity, providing support to local community groups and charities, many of whom are working with some of the county’s most vulnerable and in need.  They have just launched the Surviving Winter appeal to support those who may struggle with food or fuel poverty during the winter months by providing essential items such as blankets, food or even helping people pay their energy bills.

Statistics suggest that around 700 older or vulnerable people in Bedfordshire die from illnesses related to or exacerbated by the cold each year.  Older people or those suffering with illnesses such as cancer are at particular risk as they can find it more difficult to keep warm, but for many the rising energy prices means they can’t afford to keep the heating on.  On average 1 in 6 children in Bedfordshire are living in poverty, which is estimated to affect around 41,753 households. These families and others like them, with the additional costs associated with the cold weather can mean many parents having to make a choice between heating and eating.

 BLCF is looking to raise vital funds within the community which will be used in several ways; including giving small grants to not-for-profit groups working with disadvantaged people, provide winter survival packs to individuals and families living in poverty across Bedfordshire and also help vulnerable people pay their energy bills. Partnering with key organisations, like local Foodbanks, Age Concern, who work at grassroots level to ensure the support is reaching those most in need. The appeal is running between November and March and aims to raise £20,000 to support individuals and families across the county.

 If you would like to donate to this appeal, you can text ‘BLCF10’ £5 or £10.  They are also looking for local businesses who wish to give their support by fundraising or sponsoring the appeal also.

So many people give to large national charities, but often forget the smaller grassroot charities and community groups. Please help them make a difference locally!

If you have any queries, please get in contact with Francesca Johnstone on 01234 834930 or

15:26, 07 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

In order to see the application please look at central Beds planning page and either search from Flitton & Greenfield in the drop down menu for parishes or type the planning reference code: CB/18/04018/OUT.

This direct link should also take you straight there:…/DCW…/…

The developer has put in a planning application for 10 bungalows on this site, which was an old orchard until the trees and hedge were removed in early summer.

The application will be discussed at the next parish council meeting at 7.30pm on Weds 14th Nov in the Church Hall and all residents are welcome to attend.

If you cannot make the meeting then you can still make your view known on the Central Beds website on the link above. Please contact or any Councillor  if you need any assistance.

10:47, 06 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

Youth Support Services and the Business Growth Team are running a joint event – Find Your Future on 28th November 2018 at The Rufus Centre, Flitwick.

It is aimed at all young people between 14 – 21 across CBC. They have  schools attending but will be opening the doors to everyone in the afternoon and entry is free.


13:00, 05 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Bedfordshire Police
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Our Crime Reduction team is advising people to be alert to bogus telephone calls, supposedly from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), following some reports from the county’s residents. 

An HMRC spokesperson said: “HMRC takes security extremely seriously. We are aware that some people have received telephone calls from individuals claiming to be from HMRC. We have a well-known brand, which criminals abuse to add credibility to their scams.


“These scams often involve people receiving a call out of the blue and being told that HMRC is investigating them. If you can’t verify the identity of the caller, we recommend that you do not speak to them.”


Please be alert to this sort of activity by scammers, which is known as“phishing”, and do share this advice with your friends and relatives. Especially those who may not be inclined to check the validity of the calls, or who may be vulnerable.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to access valuable personal details, such as usernamespasswords and banking details. This information has a monetary value for criminals.

Phishing activity is not confined to telephone calls. It may also take the form of letters or online via emails, instant messages or text messages, with malicious attachments, or website links to infect computers or mobile devices. Very often these will appear to be authentic communications from legitimate organisations, and may be quite sophisticated in their execution.

Phishing messages try to convince the recipient that they are from a trusted source. “Spear-phishing” is a technique whereby criminals target an individual using personal information to earn trust and lower the intended victim’s defences, increasing the chances they may open attachments or embedded links.

Embedded links within a message can direct you to a hoax website, where your login or personal details may be requested. You may also run the risk of your computer or smartphone being infected by viruses.

Once your personal details have been accessed, criminals will then record this information and use it to commit crimes such as identity theft and bank fraud.  Your details may also be sold onto other criminals.

What to look out for and what you should do if you receive a phishing message:

·       Be aware and proactive

o   When responding to emails or phone calls, never give your login or any personal details.

o   If you receive an email from a company that claims to be, or appears to be, legitimate, but is requesting these details, use a telephone number for the organisation that you have sourced reputably. Speak to them directly to confirm that the message is genuine before responding.

·       Use your spam filter

o   If you detect a phishing email, mark the message as spam and delete it. This ensures that further messages cannot reach your inbox in future.

·       Know your source

o   Never respond to a message from an unknown source.

o   Take care not to click any embedded links. Phishing emails are usually sent to a vast number of randomly generated addresses. However, clicking embedded links will provide verification of your active e-mail address. Once this occurs it may prompt further malicious emails.

o   Even “unsubscribe” links can be malicious.

o   Ensure that the email is from a trusted source and you are, in fact, subscribed to the service.

Safety tips from Bank Safe Online about phishing emails:

·       Genuine organisations like banks or HMRC will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, password or bank details.

·       The email address that appears in the ‘from’ field of an email is not a guarantee that the email came from the person or organisation that it claims to have originated from.

·       Fraudsters are unlikely to know your real name, so the email may address you in vague terms, for example ‘Dear Valued Customer'.

·       Phishing emails will probably contain odd ‘spe11ings’ or ‘cApitALs in the ‘subject’ box and contain spelling or grammatical errors in the email – this is an attempt to get around spam filters and into your inbox.

If you’ve lost money, or information, or your computer has been taken over by a phishing or malware attack, report it to Action Fraud.

Take action - forward suspicious emails claiming to be from HMRC and texts to 60599, or contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report any suspicious calls or use their online fraud reporting tool.

Check GOV.UK for information on how to avoid and report scams, and recognise genuine HMRC contact.

If you think you have received an HMRC related phishing/bogus email or text message, you can check it against the examples shown in this guide.


18:38, 03 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

12:35, 02 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

Image result for the truman showImage result for horton hears a who

New community project - cinema comes to the parish!

First viewing on Saturday 3rd November 2018, childrens matinee and then main film - see below. There is a limit on ticket numbers so book NOW!

It is hoped that this will be a monthly viewing until April 2019 and then the following Autumn.

Please come and support this venture and buy tickets from  (paste into website browser) or contact Lucy on  

All proceeds will go to local charity(ies)

10:58, 02 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk

Image result for playing field flittonThere is a new gate at the Playing Field which means that pedestrians do not need to walk through the Village Hall car park for access, which makes it much safer. The new gate will shortly be fitted with a self closing device so that the gate remains closed after use.

Please note that the old gate has now been taken out of use and will remain locked.


10:49, 02 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk
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The Bobby Scheme

Can the Bobby Scheme help you this winter? 

The Bobby Scheme is a local charity that provides a free service to over 65s and the vulnerable by improving their home security to reduce crime and the fear of crime. The Bobby men are trained lock fitters and crime prevention advisers who offer advice, reassurance and  fit a range of security devices to make people feel safer in their own home.


The Bobby Scheme has been running since 1997 and has improved or enhanced the security of over 20,000 homes across Bedfordshire. If you would like a visit from the Bobby Scheme or know someone who would benefit please call 01234-842619 or visit our website at

09:34, 31 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk

Clear skies tonight leading to cold temperatures 


CBC gritters will be out on the roads gritting from around 8pm. 

Please take care when driving tonight, leave a little extra distance behind the gritting lorries and don't be tempted to overtake them.  They appreciate your patience as they do their bit to keep the roads safe.

Read more >

When and where CBC grit

Our gritter

CBC spread grit, or more accurately, salt, on roads when freezing is forecast and when roads are damp to melt and prevent ice. They try to do salting before the morning and after the evening traffic peaks, but do work around the clock in bad weather.

They salt just under half of the roads in Central Bedfordshire. Roads carrying the highest volumes, with the greatest risk of accidents or providing key access are given priority.

Find out more about the routes they grit, how grit works and how they decide when to grit on the CBC website.

Read more >


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We Are Putting Ladies In The Driving Seat Come Along To One Of Our Car Care Evenings In Partnership With Kwik Fit

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) has teamed up with Kwik Fit to offer a ladies only car care evening to make women feel more confident about visiting garages for repairs, servicing or car checks.

Recent research has found that two thirds of female motorists (64%) don't feel comfortable about visiting a garage with a quarter (25%) saying that they avoid going to a garage on their own.

The free evening takes place on Tuesday 13 November at Kwik Fit, 32 Cosgrove Way, Luton, LU1 1XL and starts at 6.30pm.


There’s a short video showing what goes on available on YouTube:

BFRS Fire Safety Officer, Laraine Rason said: “Research conducted by Kwik Fit also revealed that a third (33%) of women drivers would like the knowledge to be able to deal with a motoring emergency, and the same proportion (32%) would like to be able to carry out basic car maintenance checks themselves.

“It’s essential that cars are well maintained and regularly serviced. Women shouldn’t be put off taking their vehicles to garages due to lack of knowledge.  It is important to keep your vehicle in excellent mechanical condition to assist in the prevention of road traffic accidents due to mechanical or maintenance faults.

“The evening will be an opportunity to ask all the car maintenance questions you have ever wanted to and get your hands dirty by checking your cars assisted by professional technicians.

“So why not come along and enjoy some light refreshments, put on a pair of overalls and become a Kwik Fit fitter for an hour or so.”

John Larty, Kwik Fit’s Southern division Liaison Manager says: “The first part of the session is all about road and vehicle safety, general maintenance and tyres, essential to keeping you and your vehicle safe. You will also get the chance to ask those questions you may have or have always wanted to ask. The second part of the evening is all about a hands on and an interactive experience where you get the opportunity to do some of the easier servicing aspects of looking after your vehicle, this includes under bonnet checks, tyre pressures and even changing a wheel if you wish.”

There is no charge for the evening which starts at 6.30pm and lasts around two hours.

Please register for a place via our Eventbrite page:
21:47, 29 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk

The defib team is very pleased to announce that the defibrillators at both the above locations are now active – should you require access to a defibrillator you will need to ring Emergency Services on 999, request an ambulance and they will confirm to you the nearest location of a defibrillator and give you the access code to allow you to send someone to fetch it.

In the unit there is the defibrillator and also an equipment bag which includes a torch, face shields, spare defib pads, paediatric defib pads and other items to assist with using the equipment.

I would highly recommend, if you haven’t done so already, to attend a defib training session, we will be running another one on Tuesday 5th February 2019 @ 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

The training is extremely valuable as over the 90mins session it will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with an AED, learn how to use them, and also how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants.

Funds allowing, we hope to run a refresher training session annually from 2020.

Please spread the word that these are now active….. THEY SAVE LIVES!!!

If you have any questions or require further information please contact Defibrillator Guardian – Julianne Wright, mobile 07739 431933 or email



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Op Arora

With the nights now drawing in and the evenings getting darker, along with Halloween and Bonfire Night around the corner, Beds Police is asking everyone to keep a look out for any suspicious activity that could be linked to Serious Youth Violence and gang activity.

This time of year goes hand in hand with anti-social behaviour, however some of those linked to this behaviour are also linked to youth violence and gang related activity. As fireworks are more easily available at this time of year, youths can be tempted to use them as "weapons" and fire them at the police or others, which has the potential to cause serious injury. They can also utilise the wearing of "disguises" and not be out of place due to "Halloween" and conduct illegal activities.

As such the Police are asking us all to be, more than ever, their eyes and ears on the ground and report anything suspicious via either 101 or use the online reporting tool. In the case of an emergency please dial 999 immediately.  

They thank you for your help and continued support.
10:24, 27 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk

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New academy expansion opens

New school places

Arnold Academy is now able to provide an additional 120 school places after five new classrooms and other facilities were officially unveiled to coincide with the school’s 60th anniversary.

Delivered under our New School Places Programme, the Barton-le-Clay school will now expand from 600 to 720 places to cater for a growth in the current lower school population.

Arnold Academy now boasts a new two-storey extension, a special educational needs block, a two-court sports hall, new changing facilities, refurbished classrooms, library and changing rooms, a reconfigured car park and entrance area and new circulation spaces.

At the official opening, Harry Arnold, the grandson of the businessman, politician and former Luton Town Football Club chairman that he and the school is named after, was joined in cutting the ribbon by current pupil Abigail Flower and Brian Reece, who was a pupil on the first day the school opened in 1958 and is now an employee.

Watch Arnold Academy's video of the official opening speeches.

12:29, 25 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk
A421 Image

A421 Weekend Closure

The A421 will be closed from 8pm on Friday 16 November, to 6am on Monday 19 November. 

The closure will be in place from the Eagle Farm roundabout to Junction 13 of the M1. The closure will allow CBC to carry out key utility works; move lampposts; and remove trees and hedgerows as part of the initial work, ahead of completing the dual carriageway. 

CBC try to limit any road closures to during the least busy times. However, at certain key stages of the road improvements they will need to close the road for the safety of workers and the public. 

The M1 road will be open, or visit our website for diversion details. CBC apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience during the roadworks.

11:51, 25 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk

Image result for green kerbside garden bags

CBC kerbside garden waste suspension will take place be between Monday, 10 December 2018 and Friday 1, March 2019 inclusive.  The service will resume as normal on Monday, 4 March 2019During this period all other waste collections will take place as normal. 

CBC will issue a press release and update the council website in due course.  Further communication about this temporary suspension is planned throughout November as well as information appertaining to the revised bin collection dates for the Christmas and New Year period, and how to recycle ‘real’ Christmas trees.  This information will be provided to all residents and other relevant stakeholders through a variety of different communication channels, including separate press releases, newspaper adverts, social media and a bin hanger.

The bin hanger will be applied to all residents black waste bins between Monday, 5 to Friday, 17 November thereby providing notice for two garden waste collections before the suspension commences. 

Further updates and information will be released regarding the revised collection times over the Christmas & New Year period as well as information appertaining to recycling real Christmas trees.  

12:49, 17 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk

12:34, 17 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk
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The darker winter nights, and in particular the period up to and over Christmas, present their own problems when it comes to crime.

Giving yourself a "Winter Crime Security Health Check" is a good place to start and think about some other things aswell:
  • Put your purse or wallet away before you leave the till with those presents - don't be rushed.
  • If you're shopping online, think about what security the website offers you.
  • Check outdoor security lights, and replace any blown bulbs.
  • Use timer switches to operate lights and radios whilst you're out.
  • Beware of Distraction Burglars, Bogus and Cold Callers.
  • Genuine visitors will always have ID; but if you're not sure don't open the door!
  • Mark your property and register it on
Fore more information, take some time and read the attached Winter Crime Advice leaflet.

Home Security Survey - Jan 2016 PDF.pdf - 181.6 KB
Winter Crime.pdf - 440.9 KB
12:28, 17 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk
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All a thief needs to enter and drive away your keyless ignition car, van or truck is an item of widely-available technology and to be within metres of your key fob. The fob doesn't even need to be visible on a window ledge or through your letterbox.




  • Keep your fob in a signal blocking ‘Faraday Cage’ bag at all times, even when on your person

  • Discuss digital security features and software updates with your dealer

  • Consider using additional after market mechanical or electronic security devices

  • Fit a tracking device if your vehicle doesn't’t already have one, and make sure it’s activated

  • Never leave keys for keyless or conventional ignition systems on view

  • DO NOT approach or challenge vehicle thieves … your personal safety may be at risk

  • Check that your vehicle is fully insured for theft

  • Look out for suspicious activity in your road or workplace. You could join your Neighbourhood Watch scheme and receive up-to-date local crime alerts



12:23, 17 Oct 2018 by Parish Clerk