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Help us create the future for Central Bedfordshire

Thirty years ago life was very different... electric typewriters were more common than PCs, smartphones didn’t exist, electric cars didn’t exist and neither did the internet.

These changes in technology, environment and lifestyles change how we live our lives.

We’re asking residents to think about what life might be like in another thirty years time.

  • How will we travel?
  • How will we work, what jobs will be popular?
  • How will we spend our leisure time?

Why are we doing this you may ask... well these changes influence how we live our lives and what great places to live will look like. We’re thinking ahead and want to create a vision for what Central Bedfordshire will be like in 2050. 

Tell us what you think will be important in 30 years time and what will need to change. You can visit our Vision 2050 website and comment online or pick up a leaflet from your local library, leisure centre or council offices.

Or come and talk to us face-to-face, the team will be sharing times and venues of roadshows on the website

13:48, 17 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk

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Following a public examination of Central Bedfordshire’s Draft Local Plan this summer, The Planning Inspectorate have now provided formal feedback to the council.

This has been welcomed as an important step forward in the thorough and comprehensive process of creating and agreeing the Local Plan.

Whilst many critical areas of policy have been accepted without commentary, there are a number of areas which require some further work.

It was clear from the examination hearings that we would need to address various issues that were raised, and we’ve already begun work on these.

Although there is much to do, we welcome the feedback and want to assure everyone that we are putting every effort into responding to the points that have been made. 

It is clearly in the interest of our communities that we do so as swiftly as possible so that we can finalise our plan which will serve to protect the community against speculative development and ensure that we can build communities with the supporting jobs, infrastructures and services that make a place a great place to live.

Both the Inspector’s feedback and our response letter can be found on the Local Plan pages on our website at


Local Plan >

15:12, 14 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk

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Don't miss the deadline to apply if your child is transferring to secondary or upper school next year

Apply by October 31, 2019

If your child is due to transfer to secondary or upper school in September 2020, the deadline for applications is Thursday 31 October 2019.

Last year, we offered first preferences to:

  • 95% of on-time applications to primary or lower school
  • 93% of on-time applications to middle school
  • 96% of on-time applications to secondary school
  • 97% of on-time applications to upper school

To apply for a place online visit our school admission web pages.

These pages that contain a wealth of other information including school catchment areas, deferred entries, making an application on religious/faith grounds and how places are allocated.

If you prefer, you can also complete a paper application form – these are available by either emailing the school admissions team, calling 0300 300 8037, or writing to School Admissions, Central Bedfordshire Council, Watling House, High Street North, Dunstable, LU6 1LF.

If you are applying for a place to start school or to join a middle school, you have until Wednesday 15 January 2020 to make an application.

20:03, 03 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Police Encourage Drivers and Horse Riders To Be Aware of Each Other on the Roads This Autumn

We are working with The British Horse Society (BHS) and Bedfordshire Horsewatch to encourage both drivers and riders to be more aware of each other on the roads this autumn.
There has been a marked increase in reports of incidents to the BHS in Bedfordshire involving horses; from one reported in 2017/2018 to seven reported in 2018/2019.
The majority of road incidents that have been reported to the BHS occurred because a vehicle passed too closely to a horse. As a result, the Dead Slow campaign was launched to educate drivers on how to safely pass horses on roads. There are also a number of things horse riders can do to keep themselves safe.
PC Grant Hayes, from the Rural Community policing team, said: “This autumn, we want to encourage both motorists and horse riders to be more aware of each other on our county’s roads.
“There has been a significant increase in incidents involving horses reported over the last two years and we want to reduce this as much as we can by educating drivers on how to pass a horse safely and also reiterating to riders tips they can take to keep themselves safe.
“Although there has been an increase in reports, statistics from the BHS show that only one in 10 incidents are reported to them and therefore there are likely to be more that they aren’t aware of. We want to take this opportunity to encourage people to report either to the BHS directly or to contact our Op Sentinal rural policing team.”
Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety at The British Horse Society said: “Last year alone, national statistics show that 87 horses and four people were killed on UK roads and 73 percent of the 845 incidents reported to the BHS occurred due to vehicles passing by too closely.
“By collaborating with Bedfordshire Police, we are hoping more drivers will be aware that when they are faced with a horse on the road they should slow down to a maximum of 15mph, be patient and ensure they pass the horse wide and slow, before driving slowly away.
“We also want to encourage riders to play their part by wearing high visibility clothing at all times and by thanking all road users that pass by safely.”
Below are some advice and tips for both drivers and horse riders to stay safe on the roads:
The BHS is asking drivers to use this prompt to ensure a safe pass:
·       Slow down to a maximum speed of 15mph.
·       Be patient, don’t sound your horn or rev your engine.
·       Pass the horse wide and slow and if safe to do so, allow at least a car’s width if possible.
·       Drive away slowly.
The BHS is asking riders to:
·       Always wear hi-viz clothing and put hi-viz equipment on your horse – even on bright days, it is surprising how well a horse can be camouflaged against a hedge.
·       Unless absolutely necessary, avoid riding in failing light, fog or darkness or when it is snowing or icy.
·       Show courtesy to drivers – if you show drivers appreciation of their efforts, then drivers should return the favour.
·       If you are riding a horse that is not used to roads, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced rider and horse.
·       Be aware of your surroundings, and adhere to the Highway Code.

To report an incident, you can visit the BHS reporting tool or email our Rural Policing team on          
Find out more about the Dead Slow campaign on the BHS website.
11:26, 03 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk
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the Easy Way To Stop Your Online Accounts Getting Hacked

A strong password is a good start, but it doesn’t stop there…

Whether it’s your Twitter, Amazon, or Netflix account, the explosion in popularity of online apps and services means more and more of us have to remember an increasingly long list of passwords.  
Unfortunately, some of us cope with this challenge by resorting to practices that leave our data, devices and money at risk - using the same password across multiple accounts, or by creating simple passwords that could easily be guessed by a fraudster. Bad password practice is more prevalent than you might think. Data breach analysis carried out by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre found that more than 23 million users worldwide used 123456 as a password.
But let’s say you’re not one of those people, and you use strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts. That’s a great start, but you could still be vulnerable to phishing attacks or data breaches. Even the most complex password offers you no protection if you’ve typed it into the ‘password’ field of what you thought was your bank’s genuine website, or if a plain-text version is leaked in a data breach. That’s why an additional layer of security is essential to properly securing your accounts.

If you care about it, put 2FA on it.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way of strengthening the login security of your online accounts. It's a bit like how an ATM works. You need both your debit card (first factor) and your PIN (second factor) to get access to your account. The main objective is better security. If your card is stolen, they still need your PIN. If your PIN is stolen, they still need your card. 
Online accounts with 2FA enabled work in a similar way. They require you to verify your identity using your password (first factor), as well as a randomised code (second factor) that’s delivered to your mobile phone. If your password is stolen, they still need your phone. If your phone is stolen, they still need your password. You should enable 2FA on all of your important online accounts, such as your email, or any account that holds your personal or financial details. 
For instructions on how to enable 2FA on popular online services, visit
For more simple tips on how to protect yourself online, visit

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to Action Fraud at
17:20, 01 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk

14:47, 01 Oct 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Next Police Community Surgery Is on 26/10/2019 In Clophill

Our next Community Surgery is being held at The Co-Op in Clophill on Saturday 26th October 2019 between 1400 and 1600 hours. Come and speak to us about your concerns, receive crime prevention advice, learn about our partners and help shape how we addresses local issues by completing the ‘Have Your Say’ survey.
Don’t worry if you missed our Community Surgery yesterday, can’t make or can’t wait until the next one; we will be holding a holding a pop-up Community Surgery on this Wednesday 2nd October 2019, at Flitwick Leisure Centre between 1300 and 1400 hours.

Kind Regards,

PC5832 Aaron Dagley
Community Policing Team Ampthill

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Aaron Dagley (Police, Community Police Constable 5832, Community Policing Team - Ampthill)

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16:09, 30 Sep 2019 by Parish Clerk
Image result for harvest festival
The Church Wardens hope that you will be able to come to the Harvest Festival on Sunday October 6th at 11am in Flitton church. Everyone is welcome at this traditional village service. It would be great if you could bring something - fruit, flowers, vegetables, items for the auction the next night. 
Also we there is a Food Bank collection needing tinned and dried food . The Food Bank particularly needs tinned tomatoes, vegetables and fruit, as well as Long Life Milk but any rice, pasta or other dried goods are gratefully accepted. Please check that everything is undamaged and within it's sell by date.
Anything for the Food Bank or fresh produce can be brought to the service or on Saturday 5th at 10.30am when the church is being decorated. The church always looks lovely for Harvest Festival.
See you soon.
Margaret and Jo
Church Wardens
13:40, 30 Sep 2019 by Parish Clerk

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Take up the fight against scams

Our trading standards is backing a grassroots scheme for a community-based effort against the spiralling number of scams and cons circulating throughout the area.

Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams is coordinated by the National Trading Standards Scams Team and promoted by local trading standards teams nationally, and gives people the tools they need to recognise scams and to take steps to make a difference.

The first stage is to take a free, 20-minute online training session or attend a presentation which raises awareness of the common types out there, the skills to avoid them and the confidence to spread the word to friends, neighbours and loved ones.

Once equipped ‘friends’ are encouraged to take a stand. They can even then choose to carry on gaining more knowledge and act as a neighbourhood SCAMchampion prepared to give talks in public or simply share their new knowledge with friends and family.

After the session, people will be asked to make a simple pledge to help take a stand against scams. This could involve telling five other people about the scheme; talking to family, friends and neighbours about scams or sharing their Friends Against Scams status on social media.

Friends Against Scams is open to anyone who wants to protect themselves or their loved ones against scams.

Unfortunately, anyone can become a victim, and the effects can be financially devastating and often damaging to a person’s health and wellbeing.

Scams can come in various forms by letter, telephone, email or even in person, making false promises or claims to con victims out of their money. Some of the most common scams are fake lotteries, prize draws, clairvoyants, investment scams, and romance scams.

Scammers will attempt to trick people with official-looking documents or websites, or with convincing telephone sales patter, with the aim of persuading them into sending money or providing personal or bank account details.

Scammers are clever and convincing and can ruin people’s lives. Victims can lose money, peace of mind and often experience loneliness, shame and social isolation. Many also feel too embarrassed to report a scam – but they should not feel embarrassed as it can happen to anyone.

To find out more and to play a part in helping people avoid becoming a victim of scams, visit the Friends Against Scams website.

Friends Against Scams >

13:41, 29 Sep 2019 by Parish Clerk