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Police Issue Burglary Advice During Hot Weather

Beds Police are urging residents to consider home security during hot weather. As we enter the peak summer period, burglars may take advantage of unlocked doors or open windows - a property that presents itself as insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured.

 Please take don’t leave ground floor windows or doors open or unlocked, and ensure they are closed and locked when you go to bed at night. It only takes a second for a thief to enter a home and take things, often without being noticed.

 Further advice to keep homes secure over the summer includes:

  •  Always close and lock windows and doors when leaving the property – even a small open window could entice a burglar.
  • Keep car and house keys out of sight and away from windows and doors.
  • If you’re in the garden, make sure windows and doors at the front of the property are secure.
  • Do not leave valuables on display through windows.
  • Ensure that any side entrance is secure, locked and not easy to climb over, even when someone is at home.
  • Consider installing a visible security light or alarm to deter criminals.
  • Going on holiday? Make arrangements to make sure the house appears occupied whilst it’s unoccupied. Put lights on a timer or ask a neighbour to come and pick up mail and draw curtains. Don’t advertise being on holiday on social media.

 Detective Inspector Andy Southam said: “Now we’re approaching summer, everyone is keen to make the most of the hot weather. But burglars are also keen to make the most of open windows, and that’s why we’re issuing this advice. I am urging people to remain vigilant throughout the summer months, and I hope that by taking these steps people will be able to make their homes less appealing to offenders.  “Burglary is traumatic for victims, and we remain committed to tackling burglary through our force wide response, Operation Fidelity. Officers from across the force work together to target offenders and bring them to justice. By following our advice, you can help us tackle burglary.”

 For more information about burglary and further advice, visit our website.

16:55, 10 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Beds Police is appealing for witnesses after a man died following a collision on the A6 near Wilstead on Monday (9 July).

Officers were called at approximately 1pm to reports of a single vehicle collision.

Emergency services attended, along with the air ambulance, but one man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Next of kin have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers.

Anyone with any information can report information online by visiting our reporting section or by calling 101 and quoting incident number 224 of 9 July.

16:52, 10 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk


On Friday 6 July the developer of the old orchard site at Flitton Road Greenfield chopped down most of the old apple trees and removed the long standing hedge along the road side. This leaves the site open and exposed and destroys an ancient orchard plus the terrible destruction to wild life and birds known to be living and nesting there.

It was with outrage that the Parish Council heard this was happening and most neighbours and local residents are also appalled. 

The recent planning appeal there was dismissed so there is no planning permission to do anything on the site, which makes the destruction even more pointless as there was no need to remove the trees and hedge. Officers at Central Beds Council have been informed and will take whatever action may be open to them against the land owner or developer.

It is understood  that GPS estates have bought the land as their sign was on the gate along with “bought for residential development”. It will be very important in future for as many people as possible to express their views about any further planning application on the site

It has been featured on Radio Three Counties on Friday evening and again today on the Andy Collins Breakfast show. You can hear the interviews by accessing the radio shows on the play again feature - as below


09:56, 09 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk

There is a Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 18th July in the Church Hall.

Any members of the public are invited to attend the open forum at the start of the meeting - to address the Parish Councillors about matters of concern, including any planning issues.

The start time of the meeting is scheduled to be 19.30h, but if there are significant numbers wishing to attend, then we may start the public forum at an earler time to accommodate all the comments.

If you would like to attend, please let a Councillor (see or the Clerk know so we can plan accordingly. Thanks

13:14, 08 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Fresh Appeal To Drink Responsibly During The Football Ahead Of World Cup Quarter-Final

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden, we are urging fans to enjoy the game responsibly and not be tempted to drive after drinking alcohol.

The vast majority of fans have enjoyed England games in great spirit so far across the county, with only a handful of minor police incidents linked to the football.

With thousands of people expected to watch Saturday’s match in pubs and other licensed venues across Bedfordshire, we are urging fans not to overdo it as they cheer England on.

Superintendent Nick Lyall, who is overseeing this weekend’s police operation, said: “The public have really got behind England so far and it is great to see people enjoying themselves as the team progresses through the tournament.

“I’m sure Saturday’s game will be enjoyed in the same spirit but I would just urge people to drink responsibly, plan their journeys home and avoid getting behind the wheel if they have had alcohol.

“No one wants their day to be spoiled by spending time in a police cell and the consequences of drink driving are just not worth the risk.”

It is estimated that for each unit of alcohol consumed it takes at least an hour to enter the body and a further hour to leave it.

If you were to drink four pints of lager, for example, you should not drive for at least 13 hours from finishing your last pint.

Penalties for drink driving will mean a minimum of a 12-month disqualification, a fine of up to £5,000 and possibly six months in prison. 

Causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of alcohol can result in a prison term of up to 14 years.

A drink drive conviction will also mean a criminal record, penalty points on your driving licence for 10 years, insurance costs will increase dramatically, hiring a car will become all but impossible and entry to some foreign countries denied.

Those who become aggressive or violent during or after the football could also end up being arrested and potentially get a criminal record.

Inspector Jamie Langwith, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Roads Policing Unit, said: “It is important that anyone thinking of getting behind the wheel either following a match or the morning after drinking thinks carefully.

“This time of year always carries a greater risk of drink driving and we need to target our enforcement on this for the driver’s safety and also for the safety of others.

“Please do not take the risk of driving if you plan to drink as you will more than likely be caught and the potential consequences on both yourself and others will be severe and won’t be worth the risk.”

Top tips

Plan your journey home ahead – not planning your journey home can make drink driving more tempting, so appoint a designated driver, use public transport or get a taxi.

Beware of the morning after – make sure you leave a suitable length of time before you decide to drive in the morning. Even though you may feel fine you may be still over the legal limit. If in doubt this Morning After guide could be useful

Leave your vehicle at home – if you think you may be tempted to drive home, do not take your vehicle out in the first place.

Do not consume alcohol at all – the only safe and guaranteed way to ensure you don’t drive over the limit is not to drink at all. Different ages, weight and health affects everyone differently so one drink can make all the difference.

15:45, 05 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk
Image result for MAGPAS Orange MonthMagpas Air Ambulance is a charity which brings essential lifesaving care by land and air to patients in life-threatening emergencies in the East of England and beyond. Some of the UK’s expert doctors and paramedics volunteer their own time to work with us. Magpas Air Ambulance is not a state-funded service and relies on generous public donations to continue saving lives. Since 1971 we’ve treated over 60,000 patients.
Looking to fundraise for Magpas Air Ambulance but short of ideas? We’ve got plenty for you! Whether it’s indoors with friends and family, at school or at work, have a look below for some of our suggestions and download a sponsorship form to get fundraising today. Have an idea of your own? Get in touch with our fundraising team at or call 01480 371060 (option 2).
Athletics superstar Whether as an individual or a team, you could tackle your ultimate distance run, swim the length of the English Channel in your local pool, hold a dance-athon or set off on a long bike ride to break a sweat for Magpas Air Ambulance!
Art show Many artists are clamouring for the opportunity to show others their work, so invite local artists to lend you their work for an exhibition with an entry fee.
Bake sale It’s got to be among the most popular ideas, but bake sales are a great path to fundraising success. Put a twist on it by baking healthier cakes using vegetables.
Dress up or dress down Get your workmates or school to make a donation and ditch their regular outfit for pyjamas, costumes or just something less formal for the day.
Orange Day Join in on the fun every Orange Day, an annual fundraising event held in May to raise money for Magpas while wearing orange, eating orange, and doing just about anything orange! 
Pack it up Whether you can't stop biting your nails or have another habit you’d like to kick why not give it up whilst fundraising for our lifesaving service? If it's a costly habit you could donate the money you save or have friends and family sponsor you. 
Quiz night Whether it’s the pub, the village hall, or your friend’s garden, all are the perfect venue for hosting a quiz. Get working on some questions and have your guests pay to play. Mix up the topics or make it a more niche, it’s your choice as quizmaster!
Sell a skill Maybe you excel at nail painting or perhaps you’re a budding chef. Whatever your skills, why not share your talents in exchange for donations to Magpas Air Ambulance?
Unwanted goods Got any unwanted items lying about at home? Why not sell them online and donate the proceeds to Magpas or deliver them to our charity shop in Peterborough?
Waxing Are you brave enough to face a waxing? A little pain will be worth it for the kudos and sponsorship money you collect!
Zip it Are you a bit of a chatterbox? Pledge a day of silence and get sponsored by your friends and family!
Contact Magpas at If you have questions about fundraising and how you can donate, please email 
or you can call 01480 371060 (option 2).
15:00, 05 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk

Flitton and Greenfield Parish Council


Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights

Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018


The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, and

The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 (SI 234)


1.   Date of announcement:   3 July 2018                          

2.   Each year the Council's/Meeting's (b)Annual Return is audited by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited. Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounts to be audited and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them. For the year ended 31 March 2018 these documents will be available on reasonable notice on application to:

       (c) Clerk to the Council at The Church Hall, Brook Lane, Flitton Beds or email    

            commencing on (d)         3 July 2018

             and ending on (e)             15 August 2018

3.   Local Government Electors and their representatives also have:

  • the opportunity to question the auditor about the accounts; and
  • the right to make objections to the accounts or any item in them. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the Council/Meeting (f).
  • The auditor can be contacted at the address in paragraph 4 below for this purpose during the inspection period at 2 above.
  1. The audit is being conducted under the provisions of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 and the National Audit Office’ Code of Audit Practice. Your audit is being carried out by:

Mazars LLP, Aykley Heads, Durham, DH1 5TS

 This announcement is made by

3 July 2018

Deborah Lawson

Clerk to the Council

11:34, 03 Jul 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Do you know someone who hoards and is it causing a problem?

It is estimated that there are over 7,000 people in Bedfordshire who hoard their possessions and clutter their homes. Hoarding increases the risk of fires to both the person living there and to firefighters who might need to assist if a fire breaks out.

Between 2% and 5% of adults have hoarding disorder symptoms. These can start in the teenage years and become more problematic in older age. How items are organised separates a "collection" from “hoarding”. Collections are well-ordered and easily accessible, a hoard is usually disorganised, items take up a lot of space making the room largely inaccessible.

Most of the possessions that accumulate in hoarders homes are combustible, such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes etc.  These items will provide a ready supply of fuel to any fire that may start in the hoarder’s home, causing the fire to rapidly become established and spread throughout the house.  The presence of possessions on floors creates slips, trips and falls hazards along with blocked exits all serve to impede a prompt and safe escape.  Additional risks include someone being trapped by falling items. It is also possible that furniture and ceilings could even collapse under the extra weight piled upon them.

Someone with a hoarding disorder may keep or collect items with little or no monetary value like junk mail and carrier bags, or items they say they intend to reuse or repair. They will find it hard to categorise or organise items, have difficulties making decisions and struggle to manage everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and paying bills. They find themselves becoming extremely attached to items, refusing to let anyone touch or borrow them and generally have poor relationships with family or friends.

If this sounds like you, a relative or neighbour below are suggestions to help ease the problems created by hoarding.

The more possessions you have the more there risk there is.  Reduce what you have as part of a regular clearance session. If you are storing items to recycle them, recycle them now, don’t keep them for long periods. Ensure you have working smoke alarms, test them once a week.  Every second counts – the earlier you are warned of a fire the more chance you have of surviving.

Always have clear entrances, exits and pathways to your home that you can easily pass through without the need to move anything out of the way. Put your door and window keys in a safe accessible place. Items in your home should be fixed securely – they can become dislodged easily causing additional dangers.

Be careful when using fan or gas heaters, never leave them unattended or close to anything flammable. Leave space around microwave ovens, or any appliance with an air vent, to allow air to circulate. Always keep cooking areas clean and tidy. If you smoke please extinguish cigarettes properly using an ash tray.

Never leave candles unattended – always put them in a heat resistant holder. Keep them away from anything flammable.  As an alternative to conventional candles try LED candles instead.

If you think a family member or someone you know has a hoarding disorder, try to get them to visit their GP. They should be able to refer them to the local community mental health team who may be able to help. If you have difficulties accessing therapy, the charity OCD-UK may be able to help, visit their website

12:38, 28 Jun 2018 by Parish Clerk

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is proud to announce the first annual ‘Delving into History Day’ taking place at Flitwick Manor on 25th July.  Each year the conference will have a different theme based on the distinctive ‘landscape character’ of the area surrounding the Greensand Ridge – an island of local geology running across Bedfordshire from Gamlingay to Leighton Buzzard.  This year, a range of local experts will discuss the history and archaeology ‘of’ and ‘in’ woodlands focusing on the heritage of Greensand Country. 

Doors open at 9.00am for the conference to start promptly at 9.30am.  Speakers include representatives from the Greensand Trust; Cranfield University; Central Bedfordshire Council; The Tree Register; English Heritage as well as Commercial Landscape Surveyors from Maydencroft Ltd and a local author and Editor of Smallwood magazine who regularly writes for the Guardian.

The conference includes an optional 30 minute and 60 minute guided tour of the heritage trees and wooded areas of the Grade II listed park and garden at Flitwick Manor after lunch.  Optional 90 minute guided tours (lasting until 6:00pm) are available after the 'official' end of the conference circa 4.30pm.

Please note, this is a popular event, you are advised to book your ticket asap in order to avoid disappointment. 

Tickets cost £10.00 – details on how to book a ticket on the bottom of the flyer. 


11:55, 28 Jun 2018 by Parish Clerk

Safer Central Beds Survey

Image result for central beds councilOne of the key statutory priorities of the Central Bedfordshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is to engage and consult with the local community. As part of this commitment we’re asking the public and stakeholders to give us their feedback. The survey aims to gather the opinions of our local community on a variety of community safety issues, these responses are used to inform our Strategic Assessment process which decides the priorities for the CSP for the next 3 years.  We will be choosing our priorities for April 2019 onwards in a few months, so we are really keen to get as many responses as we can so any support you can provide in terms of sharing the link would be much appreciated, or if you have any details regarding other communication methods we can use please let us know.

Our survey can be found here - Safer Central Community Survey – please feel free to share. The Community Safety Partnership has also been renamed ‘Safer Central’ and in the next few weeks we will be launching our own website, further details of this will be shared with you in due course.  We have also recently launched our own social media pages, so would appreciate if you have your own social media that you give us a like/follow and share our posts.  Our accounts are:



Safer Central is a partnership so please do let us know if there is anything you would like to share on our pages and website.  We are really keen to share details of the good work we all do and promote the local services we have.

If you would like further information, please contact Lisa Scott, Community Safety Strategy Officer, tel: 0300 300 5733 (ext: 75733). 

Lisa Scott

Community Safety Strategy Officer

23:02, 26 Jun 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Less Than A Week Left For The Whoseworldareyou Police Motorcycle Safety Campaign

Bedfordshire Police’s motorcycle safety campaign has been a roaring success so far, with several bikers taking part in the competition and sharing photos of themselves with the person they mean the world to. 
The #WhoseWorldAreYou campaign was launched on Monday 11 June and aims to encourage motorcyclists and drivers to take a little extra care on the roads.
Bikers are invited to submit pictures of themselves with the person they mean the world to on social media with the hashtag #WhoseWorldAreYou for their chance to win £200 worth of motorcycle shop vouchers.
Sergeant Chris Smith from the Road Policing Unit said:  “We have had a great start to the competition and with just less than a week left, I want to encourage people to get involved by continuing to share their photos on social media.
“We are committed to reducing the number of serious and fatal collisions on the county’s roads and I would urge everyone to play their part by looking out for one another.”

The #WhoseWorldAreYou campaign delivers the message to bikers that to the world they’re just one person, but to one person they’re the world and encourages them to share pictures of them with that person.
The campaign also aims to humanise riders by showing the person behind the helmet and demonstrating they are a range of people, with names, personalities and families, just like car drivers.
Competition entries should be submitted via the force’s social media accounts:
@bedspolice Twitter or Beds Police Facebook page, using the hashtag #WhoseWorldAreYou.

Entries will be published on the force social media accounts. The closing date for entries is midnight on Saturday 30 June 2018 and the winner will be announced on Friday 6 July 2018. For full terms and conditions visit the force website.
22:41, 26 Jun 2018 by Parish Clerk
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Pllease be aware and alert!

Police have been contacted in the last 24 hours regarding some young males going door to door in Bedfordshire, claiming to work for Venture Security Management!

Reports have been made from the Fairfield Park area in Stotfold, where three males claiming to work for Venture Security Management are going door to door in the neighbourhood offering security services.

The males are described as all being white and in their twenties, one has dark hair and two have ginger hair. They are wearing white tee shirts with a logo the same/similar to the actual company, and have a black zip up folder and a silver case with a red stripe.

The case is causing the most concern amongst the residents as they are worried it is being used to hide a key scanner. The males are believed to be driving a Nissan Qashqai.

Venture Security Management do not go door to door knocking, and at this time are not working within Bedfordshire.

Please be aware, if anyone knocks on your door claiming to be from Venture Security Management please contact the police on 101. 

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22:35, 26 Jun 2018 by Parish Clerk