16:26, Tuesday by Parish Clerk

The Council now has a calendar of meeting dates extending well into the future and these dates have been posted on the website, so you can view them at any time by clicking here or looking under the Parish Meetings tab

Don't forget the Council will hold its AGM and the Annual Parishioners Meeting on May 15th at 19.30h The Parishioners meeting is not an ordinary Council meeting. It is an open forum for all residents to provide an opportunity for discussion of local topics or concerns.

At this meeting, hosted by the Council, any members of the Parish may submit items for discussion if they wish. Please contact the Clerk with any items you want to raise so that they can be placed on the agenda, but this is not essential.

The meeting is open to all who live in the village and is a good chance to talk Image result for local democracy

about something which you are interested or concerned about in the Parish. If you can’t make that date, then you can always attend any Parish Council Meeting where the first 15 minutes is an open public forum for you to raise any local or Parish issues.

It would be great to see more people involved in local democracy during 2019.

14:05, 14 Mar 2019 by Parish Clerk

There will be a Temporary Road Closure at the above location to facilitate the installation of new water connection to take place safely. Details are listed in the schedule below and the restrictions will be in operation only when the necessary signs are erected on site. The Legal Order will be made to cover a 12 month period.  Access may be allowed from time to time according to local signing.

From CBC, Streetworks Team



Road:                          Flitton Hill, Flitton 

Application from:      Anglian Water – 0845 147 147 

Reason:                      Installation of New Water Connection 


Length affected:        From junction Ampthill Road, to junction of Wardhedges Road 

Date:                           The closure will be in place for 3 days from 13th May 2019 – 15th May 2019 for 24 hours 

Diversion Route        Head west on High St towards Brook Lane, Continue onto Greenfield Road.  Continue onto Flitton Road, Continue onto High Street, Turn right onto Greenfield Road. Turn right onto Maulden Road at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A507, Turn right onto Ampthill Road and vice versa.


11:50, 09 Mar 2019 by Parish Clerk

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Council Tax bills for the coming year

Bills will be sent to every household

Info Central

Council Tax bills are being sent out in the coming few days.

They should be with all households next week.

You'll get a copy of Info Central included with your bill.

This is your guide to council services, spending and key contacts for 2019/20.

Check how much you'll pay

If you want to know what you will pay now, you can check this on our website. You will need to know which band your property is in. This will be shown on last year's bill. 

If you've recently moved in or are unsure which band you are on, you can check this on the Directgov website. To challenge your council tax band, please contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

Charges for 2019-2020

16:45, 06 Mar 2019 by Parish Clerk

Just over a day to go till the final film in the Flitton Flicks run till later in the year! By popular request we have chosen Mamma Mia 2 (PG) (Sing Along) so you can sing your hearts out as you did at The Greatest Showman! Here’s a trailer: but we all know the drill. Bring your bell bottoms and fabulous eye wear, Sat 2nd March 2019, 4.30pm, Flitton Church Hall. Tickets £5 on door or at
Then you can pop to the village hall for more dancing!

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12:40, 01 Mar 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Bedfordshire Police
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Following a spike in vehicle crime, particularly car key burglaries, we are urging our residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Tackling vehicle crime is a priority and motorists are being reminded of the simple steps you can take to keep your vehicles and belongings safe, such as the importance of making sure your vehicle is securely locked, not leaving your car keys in sight of your front door and not keeping valuables in your car.

Here are some simple steps you can take to minimise your chances of becoming a victim of car crime:

• At home, don’t keep your car keys next to your front door or in an obvious place.
• Always remember to LOCK your vehicle, so many thefts occur from unlocked motors and close the windows and sunroof. 
• At home, don’t keep your car keys next to your front door or in an obvious place.
• Never leave tools in your van overnight, there are devices available on the internet which unlock certain makes of vans. It is also worth having a sign in your vehicle that states no tools are left in it overnight.
• Don’t leave things on show in your car, whether it’s an expensive laptop or just some loose change or a packet of cigarettes, as these can be an incentive to the opportunist thief. Even items of clothing can attract thieves, as they may think that there will be money in the pockets.
• Don’t leave valuables in the glovebox of your car. To prove to would-be thieves that it’s empty, you can empty your glove-box and leave it open when you leave your vehicle.
• It’s better to store items in the boot at your point of departure, not the point of arrival – you don’t know who may be watching.
• Property marking cannot prevent your goods from being stolen but it is a very good deterrent as it is difficult to sell on stolen property that has been marked.  It also allows the police to return recovered stolen goods to their rightful owner.  Mark your property with your house/flat number and postcode
• Alloy wheels are always attractive to a thief because of their high value.  You can secure your wheels by using locking wheel nuts. 
• Park your vehicle in a well-lit spot that is visible to other members of the public, or covered by CCTV.
• Keep motorcycles in a locked garage or shed, or failing that, chained securely to an immovable object.
To report suspicious activity you can call us on 101 or use our online reporting tool.

18:38, 25 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Neighbourhood Watch
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Selectadna Property Marking Kit Offer

Dear Central Beds Resident

With the increase in burglaries, property marking is one defence.  Therefore we are excited to inform you that we have managed to obtain SelectaDNA at a discounted price.  

The SelectaDNA Neighbourhood Watch Kit offers the ultimate property marking solution to mark and protect your home, used in conjunction with the warning stickers supplied is proven to reduce burglaries.

SelectaDNA works with hundreds of Neighbourhood and Home Watch schemes and Community Safety partnership including Bedfordshire Police  to reduce crime within local communities.

The Kit is available to every household in Central Bedfordshire and using our unique code you can purchase a kit for £22 including delivery. Normal retail price including delivery of a similar kit available to the public is £67.84! 

To purchase go to and use the code ofNHWCENTRALBEDS and the Kit will be delivered directly to your door.

We hope you find this amazing offer of benefit to your friends and family.  Please share with those not on BedsAlert.


Central Bedfordshire NHW



10:28, 23 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk

12:26, 22 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk

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Garden waste collections resume on Monday, 4 March


waste 2

All garden waste must be contained within either the wheelie bin or garden waste sacks we provide.

Any large branches, trunks and plants should be cut down to fit inside.

Please leave your bin out by 7am on your collection day. 

You can check your scheduled garden waste collection day on our website.

Alternatively, find out more about composting. If you fancy giving it a go, we offer subsidised compost bins and accessories to all residents.

What goes in and what stays out?


Do you have excess garden waste?

Any excess garden waste can be taken to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres in:

  • Ampthill
  • Biggleswade
  • Dunstable
  • Leighton Buzzard

All sites are open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm including Bank Holidays.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before closing time to allow enough time to unload, no waste will be accepted after that time.

11:59, 22 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Bedfordshire Police

Are you a tradesperson or have a friend or family member who is?

Bedfordshire Police - with our partners TVL Protectavan, Selectamark and UWatch - are holding a car park surgery specifically aimed at 
tradespeople with the purpose of providing advice and technical help to protect vans and tools.

We will be at Wickes in Riverfield Drive, Bedford MK41 0UE on Tuesday 5th March 2019 between 7.30am and 11.30am.

If you have any queries regarding vehicle crime prevention, please email Op Chain at

Kind regards

2484 Lara Curtayne
Force Crime Reduction Officer

Message Sent By
Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police)

17:29, 21 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk
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Bedfordshire Police

Dear Residents

I want to make you aware of a scam I have just been told about, this scam is targeting young people in particular. It’s called 'deets and squares'.  This is slang for bank details and a square is a credit card/debit card (who knew!).

Young people are becoming ‘money mules’ by handing over their bank details to fraudsters in exchange for money, making them accessories to the fraudsters’ crime.   For many young people, the prospect of getting some extra cash simply by allowing someone to use their bank account for a money transfer sounds too tempting to resist. What could be the harm?  Of course, the harm is very real – they risk a prison sentence, the loss of banking facilities, a ruined credit history and financial difficulties lasting well into adulthood.
As young people start back at school parents can help prevent their children falling victim to this fast developing scam by following these top tips:
  1. Go through their bank statements with them regularly. Can they account for every transaction?
  2. Make sure they know never to give anyone else their online PIN, passcode or password, even to someone claiming to be from the police or their bank.
  3. If they unexpectedly come home with new clothes, phones or other items they can’t account for, ask where the money came from.
  4. Explain that letting someone else use your bank account, however plausible their reasons sound, is a potentially serious criminal offence that could damage their financial future – it could mean that they won’t be able to open a new bank account or get credit, a mortgage, or even a mobile phone contract.
  5. Teach them this simple rule of thumb about offers of easy money: if it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is! 
As always, if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Kind regards

Message Sent By
Gillian Richardson (Police, PCS, North)

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12:04, 21 Feb 2019 by Parish Clerk