Flitwick Moor makes it into a top 20 Times list


Britain’s 20 best nature reserves

In the Times Guide to the Wildlife Trusts’ most beautiful reserves Flitwick Moor featured at no.11 and here is what was said about it.

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Flitwick Moor reserve is a mixture of fen, meadow and wet woodland

11 Flitwick Moor, Bedfordshire
What to spot: frogs and toads

Peat built up over thousands of years along the River Flit under Flitwick Moor as reeds and sedges died and fell into the oxygen-starved mud. Today the area is conserved, and is a beautiful mixture of fen, meadow and wet woodland, with acid-water springs and boggy mires. Look through the tall reeds that fringe the open water at this time of year and you’ll find frogs and toads. Common frogs vary enormously in colour — from green to brown, red or yellow. They have smooth skin and their jelly-like spawn is laid in clumps. Common toads have olive-brown rough skin and tend to walk rather than hop. They lay their eggs in long strings of spawn that are wrapped round aquatic plants.

11:51, 20 Apr 2017 by Parish Clerk