Central Beds Local Plan



At the Parish Council meeting yesterday evening (Jan 24th), when a good number of local residents attended, there was a useful discussion about the current version of the Local Plan, which is out for consultation until February 22nd.

Some members of the Council and residents had attended a briefing session organised by CBC when it was confirmed that all 6 of the sites which were included in the previous version of the Plan, had now been removed as Housing Allocation sites.

However it was also confirmed that out of the 6 sites, only four were rejected outright and two remain in the process. The arguments for rejection of all the sites put forward from the outset of the Plan process are set out under the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) document, at https://centralbedfordshire.jdi-consult.net/documents/pdfs_24/shlaa_appendix_a-b.pdf  page 22/61

The Parish Council understands there is no way now that any of these 4 sites can be brought back to the Local Plan process so they can be ignored, or this move to reject them, commented on in any response to the consultation.

However, what is important is that two sites passed the next level of scrutiny. They are  the Moat Farm Close Greenfield (NLP272) and the High St Flitton site (NLP127). The reasoning as to why these two sites were approved, was not available, but they are noted on page 3/61 also at


But, for now, the Planners confirmed that they do not need these two sites to make up the land supply numbers in the Local plan and so have not added them into the list of sites going forward. But they remain ‘approved’ if required (for instance if other sites drop out)

See Page 29/45 of link below to view maps of approved sites - shaded in in green (Flitton and Greenfield is listed under Maulden, Flitton and Greenfield)


It is therefore important that comments concentrate on these two sites..

The discussion also focussed on the proposals maps or settlement envelopes and the Planners had confirmed that the new proposal maps will be finalised once the LP consultation has closed, to pick up all the changes which need to be made as a result of sites going forward.

However, where there have been amendments to the settlement envelope, such as any exception sites or definite removals then these are shown on the link below.

There are two sites in our Parish

  • Addition - the S106 affordable housing site (exception site) in Greenfield 
  • Removal – land to the rear of dwellings in Brook Lane Flitton  which was never in the settlement envelope before, but apparently had been put forward as an addition to the envelope by land-owners but was  rejected


There were questions about how the Draft Local Plan, known as the pre-submission document, relates to current planning applications or Appeals and the answer from the planners was that it does not have any weight until it is approved, so it can only be very ‘loosely’ taken into account when current  applications are being determined but not relied upon.

The planning application at Sand Road Flitton and the Appeal at the Orchard in Greenfield are not sites going forward in the pre- submission document, and in fact the Orchard forms part of the buffer zone proposed in the new document, but this has no real influence on their determination. The more pertinent argument, under the current Development Strategy relates to the 5y land supply which, we are told, has currently been met.

The pre-submission document will be finalised following consultation and submitted by 31 March 2018.  The Inspector does not have a time limit on its determination. In Luton for example, it took 6months, but in a Cambs Local Authority it took 3years. It is based on the complexity of the documents and the planners felt theirs was quite complex so estimate is that it will not be a quick process.

The Parish Council has produced its draft comments and you can click here to see what has been said. Please feel free to use this as a template adding in your own comments as well.

If anyone wants to ask the Planners any questions themselves they should contact them by email on localplan@centralbedfordshire,gov.uk


11:06, 25 Jan 2018 by Parish Clerk