Jolly Coopers Pub Licensing Application - Corrected Times as below

As a result of a mistake made by Central Beds in the initial advertisement of this application, the correct advert has now been added to their website and is copied below

A Licensing Application as below has been submitted to CBC for the Jolly Coopers Pub.

Individuals are able to make a 'representation' (objection or support) on the application so long as it uses one (or more) of 4 Licensing grounds (below)   

a) Prevention of Public Nuisance. e.g. noise nuisance or noise at and after closing time or litter

b) Prevention of Crime and Disorder – e.g. fighting, drug problems, disorder 

c) Protection of Children from harm

d) Public Safety – if the pub is over-crowded, or drinkers force pedestrians to walk in the road, or any other risk to public safety

If any individual makes a case which the Licensing Authority feels upholds one of the 4 principles above, then the 'Decision' has to be taken to a Licensing Hearing which the Police and other Responsible Authorities attend. Anyone who has made a representation can attend the Hearing and be given a chance to Appeal against any decision made.  

The 28 day period for representations runs until 2 March and it is impoirtant to meet the deadline for representations. Please send your comments to the Licensing Team, CBC, Watling House, High Street North, Dunstable, LU6 1LF  or email to

The Landlord at the Jolly Coopers has produced a letter for residents explaining his position and you can read page 1 by clicking here and page 2 by clicking here

17:47, 20 Feb 2018 by Parish Clerk