A message from our milkman

Image result for cartoon milk manRob our milkman sends apologies to all customers for the lack of a milk delivery last Friday, which he feels very bad about. Apart from the day when the milk float was stolen in Flitton, he has always got through snow and any bad weather to make deliveries for the past16 years as a milkman

He had actually started work last Thursday night at 10 pm, (when we were getting tucked into bed) because of the weather conditions, but then unfortunately having got to the village his van broke down. What followed was a cold 6 hour wait for the break-down services who were backlogged that evening. Having got going again he drove home and then tried to get back but couldn’t get past Toddington. So for anyone expecting milk, he says he is very sorry, but did try and it was the first time that the weather had defeated him.

I think we ought to applaud his effort and give him a 10 out of 10 for trying! We all hope Rob, that next week will be back to normal and we will see you up and running again on Monday.

19:40, 04 Mar 2018 by Parish Clerk