Overnight Thefts

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Beds Police have made us aware of thefts in the Cranfield, Marston Moretaine and Woburn area overnight.

 Offenders were working in small groups of 2/3 people, usually using 1 person as a look out.  Entry was gained to one home via a small insecure window, car and house keys were stolen.  Number plates were stolen from a vehicle in Marston Moretaine and a garage was entered and alcohol stolen.  There was also an attempted burglary where by the offenders first tried the front door then walked around to the rear of the property and tried without luck to gain entry via the conservatory.

 With this in mind they ask us all  to please make sure:

  • Your keys, wallets and hand bags are put away out of sight of a night time.
  • Please be mindful of what you store in your garage, do not leave the door open leaving your possessions on display during the day for someone to steal of a night time.
  • Stolen number plates are often used in further crimes.  Check to see how your car number plates are secured on, you can use tamper proof screws to deter thefts.
  • Ask yourself how easy it would be for someone to walk around the outside of your home, could they easily walk through to the rear/garden?  Use gates with padlocks to make things harder for would be thieves.


10:34, 13 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk