Council gets Super Vac to clean drains ahead of big freeze

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Super Vac

Central Bedfordshire Council are preparing to beat the big freeze by using a new vehicle to tackle blocked drains across the region. The council’s highways team has rented a ‘Super Vac’ which will be used to clean and unblock around 11,000 drains during the winter period. 

Unlike the normal machine, the Super Vac has a more powerful jet pressure which means it unblocks even the toughest of blocked drains and pipes in just a couple of minutes. It also has the power to deal with blockages from tree roots and is capable of clearing hundreds of metres of pipe in one day. It will mean that the council can clean more drains this year than previously, improving the local road conditions during the winter period whilst also saving the council both time and money. 

The machine is part of the wider drain cleaning programme which the council started in the autumn of 2017. Since then, the council has inspected over 49,000 drains. The data they gathered has been used to compile a list of the most susceptible drains that will need more regular inspections. 

Residents who notice a blocked drain can report it to the council at

For more information and to see which drains the council will be visiting over the next two months, please visit


22:41, 23 Nov 2018 by Parish Clerk