Neighbourhood and Street Watch schemes- following burglary in Flitton on Monday 14th January

Image result for neighbourhood watch central bedsFollowing the burglary this week and reaction on the local Facebook site, if anyone would like to set up or be part of a Neighbourhood Watch(NW)  or Street Watch (SW) scheme for Flitton, as none exists at present, please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01525 860377 or email and the Council will put you in touch with the area coordinator.

There is a NW scheme in Mill Lane Greenfield and they would also be interested to hear from you or for the NW to expand to other parts of the village.

To establish a NW scheme a coordinator is required along with scheme members. It exists to 

  • Encourage vigilance amongst scheme members and actively encourage the early reporting of suspicious incidents to the police.
  • Receive crime information from the Neighbourhood Watch messaging system and distribute these messages to scheme members.
  • Encourage scheme members to be aware of and put into practice crime prevention measures, such as property marking and security devices.
  • Keep a check on vulnerable households and provide advice to members about dealing with callers at the door.
  • Circulate newsletters/other relevant information to scheme members.
  • Welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood and invite them to be part of the scheme.
  • Supply each scheme member with Neighbourhood Watch and crime prevention literature, such as Neighbourhood Watch window stickers and incident report cards. if you would like to take on the role of coordinator and can encourage neighbours to join in then don't delay!

The purpose of a Street Watch scheme is:

  • To prevent crime by increasing visibility and maintaining a caring and cohesive community.
  • To assist the police by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of activity
  • To increase feelings of safety by promoting a sense of security and community spirit.
  • By being proactive, Street Watch has been supporting vulnerable members of the community and vulnerable areas, making sure that people take pride in their communities.

Volunteers are asked to commit 2 hours every month to patrol, at timings of their choosing. The clerk has details of contacts if anyone would like to set up a SW group.




A house burglary has taken place in Flitton, when all members of the household were out. This happened mid morning and the fear is that the property may have been watched. A glass door was broken so entry was forced. CCTV footage is currently being examined and will be handed to the police.

There was a light blue van seen in the vicinity at about the right time with two men inside, so please watch out for any sightings of this in future.

 Please be aware of anything suspicious in our neighbourhood and do not be afraid to report this to the police on 101. Please also be wary if you hear anything strange like glass breaking or footsteps when you do not expect anyone to be there. 

We can all be vigilant and try to make sure that our own and neighbours properties are secure, please pass this message on too.

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15:59, 16 Jan 2019 by Parish Clerk