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Scam Letter Warning Dept Of Housing And Agriculture

Dear Residents

We have been advised of a letter doing the rounds in Northants and would like to raise your attention to it. The letter claims to be from the Department of Housing & Agriculture and is offering funding for alarms, CCTV and fire safety equipment for residents over the age of 55.

As well as being a bogus Government department, Bedfordshire Police can confirm that, nosuch funding is in existence and this looks to be a new version of the cold-call phone calls previously reported to us. Sending a letter in itself is not illegal and it gets round the law by getting YOU to invite a sales representative into your home where they then will apply hard-sell tactics with a view to you signing up for goods you don't really want at an extortionate price.

This is not acceptable behaviour and Bedfordshire Police are concerned that some people may find themselves in a situation they find difficult to get out of.

The below is the text from the letter;-

Dear Sir/Madam
As part of new security measures for 2019, we have allocated funding to the sum of £100,000 to assist the borough of Northamptonshire with safety equipment.
The funding will be distributed amongst UK residents within the postcodes to go towards equipment within the following areas:
- CCTV equipment
- Smoke alarms
- Fire extinguishers
- Home alarm systems
The funding will offset up to £150 per household providing you meet at least one of the following criteria:
- You or your partner are over the age of 55
- You or your partner have lived in the UK for over 5 years
You do not need to do anything at this time. An approved representative from HOME SOLUTIONS we are working in partnership with will visit you within the next 14 days to book your appointment.

Should you receive such a letter, please can you report it on 101. If you are contacted by a sales representative, please decline any offer of an appointment. After all, if you were not in the market for any of the above products before you received the letter, why would you be now?

However, if you are thinking about improving home security, please find an approved list of traders at the national Trading Standards website and remember to get 3 quotes to compare prices.

Kind regards
Crime Reduction Team
Bedfordshire Police


Message Sent By
Lesley Johnson (Bedfordshire Police, Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety Dept)

11:05, 23 Jan 2019 by Parish Clerk