GREENFIELD & FLITTON 1951 Festival of Britain Village Signs

he Council has received this request for help. If you can assist please contact and you will be put in touch with the researcher.
I am currently carrying out a survey of and researching the development of the above village signs. 
Information in The Archive at Borough Hall is rather scant and it would be much appreciated if you could help with a couple of points regarding the  Greenfield & Flitton sign please.  Maybe there is a local history group who may hold these answers?
Are the existing sign in their original location?s
Are there any early photographs of them especially in the 1950s?
Do you know if anyone holds copies of Parish Magazines for 1951?
As no drawing survives of the County Architects original design I am trying to piece together this information particularly regarding the original font.
Your response would be most welcome and thank you!
This is a private research project the results of which will be freely available as well as depositing a copy with the Festival of Britain Society



14:30, 26 Jan 2019 by Parish Clerk