Parish Plan

2015/2016 revisions to Parish Plan

Parish Council Plans 2015-2016                  
Sub-Committees           Costs £   Source of Funding      
1 Reduce the speed of traffic on Flitton Hill by providing 34,000   17,000 from budget plus match funding  
  hard markings at top and bottom of the hill and to       from CBC        
  paint road markings to give a perception of narrowness.              
2 To consult with the school to consider ways of   N/A   N/A        
  reducing the parking problem eg  trialling a change                 
  in the morning drop off times to enable cars to leave               
  before the start of school.                    
Playing Field                        
1 To provide further exercise outdoor equipment   10,000   S106/Open Space/Outdoor Sport  
  for the older children/adults           /Children's Play equipment    
2 Install picnic table         1,000   Budget        
3 Provision of 1/2 benches at amenity land     500   S106/Open Space/Outdoor Sport  
                  /Children's Play equipment    
1 Consider how the solar farm income should be spent.              
1 Finish off the replacements of the noticeboards   1,000   Budget        
  and consult with villagers on effectiveness                




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Revisions to Parish Plan

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The Plan Document

In 2008 after about 2½ years of preparation including some very detailed consultation, the Parish Plan Steering group was able to provide the villages of Flitton and Greenfield with a Parish Action Plan. This document was adopted by the Parish Council in July 2008 and this has helped them plan their actions and expenditure.

 The document has been regularly reviewed by the Parish Council , including a 2015/16 revision, so that it acknowledges those actions which have been completed, highlighted those that need to be moved forward whilst also adding new ideas and actions. These reviews and consultations will continue to be done on an annual basis to in order to help the Parish Council focus on the needs of both villages.

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Telephone Box Library

Tel lib

In Flitton, we have been lucky enough to acquire the old red telephone box and turn it into a 'small' community library. It is located next to the Church hall and is easily accessible.

All books are donated and we are always looking for more. Borrowing books is free and on trust, we do like to keep the supply up, so we like borrowers to return after reading or donate other titles.

There is a shelf of children's books and the whole library is kept in order regularly.