Image result for planning applicationsFor information on all planning issues, how to apply for planning permission, building control issues etc. please visit the Central Bedfordshire website and find planning on the menu. Click here.

Central Bedfordshire Council make the decision on all planning matters for this area and not the Parish Council. The Parish Council will be consulted on most planning applications and our role is to view the application of behalf of the community as a whole and either comment, support or object to the application as appropriate.

Any member of the public may comment on a planning application and can do so by making written representation to Central Bedfordshire Council, including via the Planning Portal .The Parish Council would appreciate a copy of any comments sent to Central Beds Council.

The Parish Council is working closely with Central Bedfordshire to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan which should help with what type of development can be built and where in the Parish. 

To see current Planning Applications/Decisions in the villages:use this link then use 'Return to Search Page' and chose Flitton and Greenfield from the drop down list

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has started the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan in conjunction with Pulloxhill Parish Council. Please see these social media sites for morer information - the 
Facebook link is

Twitter link is @TheBigFGPPlan

The advantage of having this plan will be that the local community will have the chance to have their say in influencing the way their villages will develop over the next few years and will be an important document when planning applications are considered.
As part of the process there will be consultation with the local community and we hope that local volunteers will help with the preparation of the plan. The first public meeting is planned for 18 January 2016. At this meeting the Parish Council will outline the objectives and matters to be covered in the Plan and seek the views of the public on this. The Council will also be pleased to hear from volunteers who would be interested in helping on this
There is a fairly strict process which needs to be followed and it can mean that the whole Plan may take up to 2 years to be finalised but the Parish Council will push ahead as fast as it can.
The Parish Council area in partnership with Pulloxhill Parish Council has been designation as a Neighbourhood Plan area.

For more information about Neighbourhood Planning, please see


Planning Sub Committee

The Clerk to the Parish Council is notified of all new applications (or appeals) by Central Beds Planning Authority and the Council is asked to respond within a certain timeframe.The Council will hold a Planning Sub Committee Meeting (open to all) to discuss and make its decision on all current applications. Advance notice of the meeting is given on the Parish Council website. (see schedule of dates). Where the application timeframe means that it is not possible to be considered by a Planning Sub Committee meeting, it shall considered by the next Council meeting instead.

Any Councillor who has an interest in any application, will declare an interest and either not comment or vote, or indeed may leave the room, according to the type of involvement the Councillor has with an applicant or property.At the Planning Sub Committee meeting, people who support or object to an application may attend to hear the discussions. At the discretion of the Chairman of the Planning Committee, members of the public may be allowed to speak to give their views in relation to an application under consideration. Any such speeches by members of the public will be time limited to 3 minutes, so if numerous people have come to the meeting who all share the same view, it is a good idea to nominate a spokesperson so that maximum benefit can be had (rather than three people covering the same points). Any objections to an application must relate to genuine planning grounds – should any objections be made on a personal level, the Chairman will stop the meeting.

Once any members of the public have been heard, it is for the Councillors to debate and decide on their opinion of the application. At this point, no further comments from the public can be considered unless the Chairman specifically asks for clarification from someone in the audience.The Clerk to the Council will record the outcome of the discussion and the Council’s reasons for the decision. This is a matter of public record. The decision is then communicated to Central Beds Council as Planning Authority. To find all the Central Beds Council applications, please click here.