Playing Field

The Playing Field is the responsibility of Flitton & Greenfield Parish Council which provides this facility to allow residents of all ages to pursue outdoor activies.

Use of the Field.

The Parish Council has a Lettings Policy for the Playing Field and consent must be obtianed for every event to be held there. The Policy (April 2017) gives details of how to do this, charges and conditions. Please click here to see more

For younger children there is a good range of play apparatus and a family picnic table for those watching and providing the refreshments!

Alernatively there is a range of newly installed outdoor gym equipment, suitable for older children and upwards. The six pieces form a trim trail and can be just as part of an exercise plan or just for enjoyment. The following links show how each piece should be used.


Wooden outdoor step up ladder

Wooden outdoor push and pull exercise station

Wooden outdoor sit up bench

Wooden outdoor dip exercise bars

Wooden outdoor leg raise exercise rack

Wooden outdoor hip twist exercise post

Informal ball games such as football can be played at any time.

Club football matches are also played and the park is used by local football clubs for training on an pre arranged basis.

The litter bins at the Playing Field are emptied by Volunteers from the Good Neighbour Scheme in the Parish and they do a very good job for us. However we would ask that dirty nappies are NOT put in the waste bins. They smell, attract flies and are most unpleasant for the volunteers who empty the bins. They also have to carry all the rubbish from the bins to a receptacle at the Village Hall, so we do ask that you try to save them this effort by putting it there yourself, especially if theres a lot of it!

Thanks to all who co-operate with this! :)



The Parish Council now manages the MUGA, but for more information on costs and booking, please use the following link which takes you to the MUGA site, where you can book the courts  and find details about activies  Multi-use Games Area (MUGA).

Please click here for the Parish Councils Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) Policies and Terms of Use


Village Hall


The Village Hall shares the same site as the Playing Fields and the MUGA, but it is managed by a separate Management Committee. To book the Hall please contact

Margaret Lowe on 07938 965817